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What is Wellness!

Wellness is about maintaining an overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. If we take out the genes, stress negatively impacts our overall health.

There’s no perfect method, teacher, or age to start focusing, renewing, or improving your personal wellness program. Just do what makes you happy, be consistent, and enjoy it. Working out is great alone or in group, with our without a personal training. Other activities are  dancing, gardening, Tai chi, biking, reading, Yoga, Pilates, cooking classes, fitness challenges, daily breathing or meditation breaks, massages, facials, reflexology, to name a few 🙂


3/3/2021:Allergy Season Tips!

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Many of us suffer from allergies which usually spike around Spring time. Unfortunately, others like myself suffer from year-round allergies. I have not always been the best at managing my health and I have often neglected to take my daily Zyrtec or use my Flonase. Therefore, my allergies have resulted in allergy asthma induced attacks. I now also use a rescue inhaler and I never forget about my daily puff of Breo.

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Try some over the counter medications if you start sneezing or have a sinus headache or sinus pressure. If it worsens, please visit a health professional.

I am now taking my shots regularly. Since the pollen is transported by the wind, I have discovered some tips that I am sharing with you today. They are:

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  1. Check the level of pollen daily or before you do outdoors. Go to
  2. I wear a face mask, even indoors (except when I go to sleep). That’s because, the pollen infiltrates your home, can be found everywhere: bathrooms, desk, furniture. I walk around with a duster.
  3. Use an air purifier and use a humidifier while asleep at night. There are quite a few available at various prices on Amazon. Ask, friends or health professionals, for a recommendation.
  4. If you go out, especially on windy days, immediately remove your clothes when you enter your home and put them in the laundry basket.
  5. Wash your hair often at night or wear a cap when you go to bed. The pollen sticks to your hair and spreads all over your pillow.
  6. Take a daily spoon or two of local honey.
  7. Change your pillow cases every day.
  8. Use Allergy mattress covers. They are worth the money. You can also spray your mattress with a combination of water and baking powder (kills bed bugs as well).
  9. Keep all windows closed and use the A.C. Change A/C filters.
  10. Wash sheets and towels in hot water.
  11. Use a nasal rinse sold at any grocery store, drugstore, or Amazon.

Good luck. Do your research. I have recently started to learn about natural remedies. I will let you know if they worked for me after experimenting with them.

2/24/2021: Mental Health Tips!

It’s been a difficult year for all of us, starting with the Pandemics and much more. I read on Yahoo News today, what we already knew: “2020 sucked.” We’ve been through depression, binge eating, and overall malaise from feeling helpless and powerless. We bought tickets for a vacation trip we could not take, we stopped going to the gym, we stopped visiting friends and families. So now what? I’ve created a list of everything I want to do post pandemic but I need to remain positive until this is over. Meanwhile, we should not allow our spirits to be drained by external forces we have no control of. We can try and manage how we feel and what we do to improve our mental health.

One of the best ways to improve our health is to exercise. Any form of exercise will help release endomorphin or “feel-good”chemicals that can help boost happiness. As we age, we know how important it is to stimulate our brain function. Reading, playing chess, word games, crossword, puzzles, and other brain teasers activity will help us maintain and improve our cognitive function.

A few tips about having a strong mental health include:


Gratitudethank you signage

Mindfulnessphoto of woman sitting near body of water

Acceptance & Self Care


Fun, Social Activities happy multiethnic friends dancing together near table with dishesl

Exercise regularly

Remember last week’s tip: Sleep well. eat lots of fruits. You can drink your fruits if you make yourself a good smoothie every day. You can get some recipes @

For additional information about attending a Zumba class, visit the site of Fabulous Alexandra @ and Tag @zumba_with_alexandra on your Instagram dance selfies ❤️ the class? Let a friend know!

For additional information about yoga or if you wish to attend a class, visit the site of Fabulous Maureen or Karama at

2/17/2021: Health is Wealth Tips!


I remember following Arianna Huffington when she first launched the Huffington Post. She was everywhere in the media, always appeared so well put and alert. I thought she was a dynamic and successful woman who had it all. Then one day, I heard about her accident. After working 18 hours, Arianna was so tired that her head fell on her desk and she broke a bone. She woke up in a pool of blood and decided to write a compelling book that I strongly recommend “The Sleep Deprivation.” Sleep deprivation is very detrimental to your health and your success. You can listen to the book, read an excerpt, or read other articles about Arianna and how she became a sleep guru. At the end of the day if you don’t sleep well, you will negatively impact every aspect of your life. You can order the book at


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Watch a few easy tips to fall asleep by Arianna:


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Sleep well and Keep Moving: Pick any activity that you enjoy. I am posting links below of those activities that I enjoy :Yoga and Zumba. Join me and let’s continue working toward our new wealth: HEALTH.


For additional information about yoga or if you wish to attend a class, visit the site at

For additional information about attending a Zumba class, visit the site and Tag @zumba_with_alexandra on your Instagram dance selfies ❤️ the class? Let a friend know!

2/10/2021: Managing Health Tips!

Welcome February! Are we on track toward meeting our wellness goals? I have listed mine on my vision board. I have learned, over the years, that nothing matters if I don’t have good health. Thus, I started researching and learning more about what I need to do to maintain good health. I can’t predict what aging and how genetics will impact my health, but at least I will try to manage what I have under my control: nutrition, mental health, adequate sleeping, and exercising.

Nutrition Tips

At every meal: Eat a variety of foods

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Always add good fats: Nuts, Avocado, Olive oil

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Focus on Probiotics

“Gut Health is Skin Health” You can read about Probiotics at

or watch this video

Posture & Back

After spending long hours sitting and working at a desk or the kitchen counter, we should expect to feel the pain in the joints, neck, or the back. It is recommended to stretch, stand up, walk around often (set up a reminder to do so), and focus on achieving good posture. Good posture is achieved by training the body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments.

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Fabulous Maureen Forbes has shared with me this great video whose link I posted in the box below.

Watch “Yoga: A Strong Core & Back” on YouTube

For additional information about yoga or if you wish to attend a class, visit the site at

Back anIf you want to try Zumba classes you can sivist dore Focus

or you can try this 4 minute video with our Fabulous Alexnadra de Groen at


For additional information about attending a Zumba class, visit the site and Tag @zumba_with_alexandra on your Instagram dance selfies ❤️ the class? Let a friend know!


2/3/2021: Weight, Nutrition, Movement Tips!

Scale/Weigh Tip

Did you weigh yourself last week? The scale can be your worst enemy or your favorite friend. The idea is to set a goal and to have a plan to reach it. You must decide for yourself:

  1. How many pounds do I want to lose?
  2. By when exactly do I want to reach that weight?
  3. How do I want to accomplish my goal?

In any case, don’t be scared, nervous, discouraged, or impatient. Just remember to track your work in progress either manually or using a digital scale.

Last Week, Were You Scared of Getting on the Scale?

Nutrition Tips

Below are listed relatively simple and common tips. No rocket science. The challenge is to stick to a nutritional approach that will become a lifestyle.

  1. Drink a lot of Water
  2. Avoid or reduce the number of carbs you consume (especially sugar)
  3. Try intermittent fasting
  4. Eat in moderation: Apply the 70/30 rule: At our age it’s 70% what we eat versus 30% exercise.
  5. Hire a nutritionist if you can
  6. Try meal prep or a food service delivery (do your research, get recommendations)

Movement Tip

Last week we spoke about the importance of moving. If you can just set 15 to 30 minutes of the day to move around, walk briskly, or exercise, it is already a win. If you get bored quickly: try a variety of exercises. So far, I have been sticking to walking, Zumba, and Yoga.

The below are recommendations. *Always check with your medical provider before starting a workout regimen.

If you are not ready to attend an hour of a Zumba class, with Fabulous Alexandra de Groen, you can still practice by watching this fun short video available on her page where you will also find the schedule of the zoom classes:

As Fabulous Maureen Forbes from Dynamic Yoga writes:

Yoga Focuses the Mind

Yoga Provides More Energy

Yoga Strengthens and Tones the Body

Read the entire list posted on Fabulous Maureen’s Blog: and attend a class YouTube: (Dynamic Yoga Journey); Instagram: @dyjyogatribe



1/27/2021: Embrace the Scale Tips!

Don’t be scared: Get on the scale!


Focus on the right nutrition!


Need to lose weight?Build muscles or tone?

Once you decide then take ACTION

Stick to your plan (Discipline): nothing is easy in life; don’t take any shortcuts; visualize your goal whatever it is.

Get moving

Today’s Wellness Wednesday message from Alexandra: Commit to move everyday!

Movement is the base to all journeys. Whether you are just starting yours, or still thinking about it, commit to move everyday, no matter what type of movement

The movement doesn’t need to always be the same. It can be a walk one day, dancing to your favorite song another, stationary bike, sun salutations, anything you can think of, but DO IT!

If you are already well into your journey and already move everyday, try to challenge yourself by trying something new, increasing the duration and/or the intensity of what you are already doing, therefore developing endurance. 

“If you don’t get any exercise at all today, try this 4 minutes video. It will help you incorporate movement in your daily routine.”

Warm Up video below: (click on the link or copy and paste it to your browser)