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Continuous Learning-I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow. I will share with you my latest self-help courses, books, travel adventures, courses, and my favorite podcasts.

Entertainment-For fun, I love to relax with a good movie, my favorite glass of wine, or to walk around a Home-decor mega store (in search of inspiration). I am no film critic, but if I am intrigued or amused by a documentary or a good movie, I will write about it and hope to start an enlightening conversation. I have no problem sharing my struggle with keeping a healthy weight (I am a foodie), or with my on and off relationship with exercising.

Community for Women– An open forum where we can support and encourage each other, celebrate each other’s success and accomplishments. Whereas we will focus on topics for women 50+ (while looking thirty something), women of all ages are welcome to join us. I could pick from several topics that could be of interest to you, depending on the stages in our respective lives: the strength of an endearing love (marriage or relationship), divorce, the loss of a loved one, children leaving us to be on their own, or returning to live with us as adults, children getting married, becoming grandparents, helping raise our grandchildren, our roles as caregivers to aging parents or family members, and the daunting retirement years. These topics will most likely be placed in categories as I familiarize myself with the Blogging process.

Where do I see this blog in 5 years? No idea? As long as I love what I am doing, I will find time to continue chasing my dreams. As they say: “It ain’t over until it’s over”: If you have a dream, please get up and live it. If you are not sure, don’t let fear stop you. Start being you, focusing on you, and living your best life yet.

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