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I am so happy that I finally have found a line of product that does not smell strong, does not feel greasy or heavy when I apply it and with all my allergies, I am doing really well using them when they are made from plants and natural ingredients from all over the world. Yes, I am now part of the tribe.  Reach out to Maya and she will walk you through picking the right products for your type of skin.


If you are looking for garden decorations for yourself or to gift, you can find a wide assortment of original pieces by visiting the online store Oseyan on Etsy


I love candles. I use them in my kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms everywhere. I have tried everything even one that a friend gave me that smells like wine.

Some of my favorites include anything with citrus or lavender. When Fabulous Pascale Amedee posted about her daughter’s new business, I became intrigued. I spoke to one of the founders and she shared her link.

I have received my candle and it was worth the price: lasted for over 2 months and I used it every night to help me fall asleep. I love, love, love it.