Went for the Food and Stayed for the Art!

I met a friend today for brunch at Elevage restaurant. Actually, I chose the place because it is located in the SOHO area of Tampa and somewhat in the middle, driving from the north and the south. I ordered a nice omelet with mushroom, turkey sausage, and a pineapple mimosa. I had a great time enjoying both the food and the enlightening company.

The restaurant Elevage is located inside of the Epicurean hotel. An epicurean is defined as someone who enjoys sensual pleasure, especially in eating and drinking. Epicureans can be also called gourmand. If you are interested, you can also google and read about Epicureanism, a philosophy of life.

We paid for our lunch, so I am not getting paid for this post. I chose to blog about this place because I just fell in love with it and plan to return for dinner. There is also a rooftop restaurant where large groups can meet and have drinks, and small plates. It is so great to be able to combine pleasing your palate and your eyes simultaneously.  From the moment you enter the restaurant, you will become captivated by the art on the wall: eclectic, chic, and bohemian. There’s a wine store and adjacent to it there is a room where they hold wine and food tasting sessions.

Across the street from the Epicurean hotel is Bern’s Steakhouse, a well acclaimed restaurant for its food, a large collection of over 1000 bottles of wine, and its dessert room. I was told people wait as long as six or more months for a seat at this restaurant. Well today, I found out that if you are staying at the Epicurean hotel, they have a deal by which all hotel guests are guaranteed a reservation at Bern’s within 24 or 72 hours.


I am happy to share these pictures with you. Stop by if you live in or are visiting Tampa.




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