How Was Quarter 1 of 2022? Are You Making Progress?

If you have, at the beginning of the year, completed your 2022 goal setting session and vision board (, and hopefully put the plan into motion, it is time to evaluate your efforts? Whether your goals are short or long-term, it’s a good idea to review them often and ensure that you are tracking your progress. According to well-known author Franklin Covey, most new year’s resolutions usually will fade away and disappear by the end of January. Yet, there are individuals who are successful at keeping their resolutions alive and actually achieving them.  It is true that there is a plethora of resources to help you and they may create more confusion: studies, research, books and articles about motivation and how to successfully reach your goals. In reality, it is so much easier to deviate from a plan and to fail, than to stick and obtain what we want.  In this post, I share some easy tips on how to turn into reality your written goals and those images glued on our vision board by manifesting them.  You can google and find various techniques to manifest your goals: I invite you to select one or many that you believe in and feel comfortable practicing: gratitude journey, affirmations, guided hypnosis, subliminal techniques, soundwave therapy, the 55X5 technique, and others. I have been using a combination of those techniques and they’ve worked for me.


Let’s assume that one of your goals is to lose 20 pounds by the end of 2022. If you fall short of losing any weight within the first three months of the year, don’t get discouraged. The first thing to do is to identify the reason(s) why you missed the first milestone (in case you have set one and you should have). Never ever give up: instead of blaming everyone else but yourself, your family for whom you must cook, the friends who keep inviting you out to eat and drink😊😊😊😊, just sit down and admit it:

Once you have taken responsibilities for any roadblocks or self-sabotage, you can build or review your backup plan. 

The same pattern will work for any other type of goals: whether it is saving more, opening a business, learning a new skill, be more organized, or else. The plan should include alternative ways of meeting your goals whatever they are. Then put the plan back into motion as you start quarter 2 and continue visualizing yourself reaching your goal. It’s critical that you focus on yourself first as you undertake these efforts.

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Any goal be it personal, financial, emotional, or else may require at times the guidance and support of a professional or expert in the field: trainer, coach, a close friend, or a model (one who has gone through the same journey and made it through successfully). I recommend using a journal (electronic or old fashioned one): the idea is to type or write ideas, feelings, and to truthfully open up about your journey.  This will be a powerful way of reviewing moments, habits, ways that may have jeopardized your success. Sometimes, focusing on our goal and making a simple adjustment is the way to go: do re-assess your plan and appraise the effectiveness of your plan. Please consider opening up to and sharing your victories and your losses with a trusted advisor. That will help you go a long way as you are entering Quarter 2 of 2022.

TIP 3: Relax, Get into Living and Daily Manifesting

We all have made the mistake of constantly living inside of our minds. I am the number one culprit here. If something does not happen when and how I expected it to, I usually start blaming myself: NO, NO, NO. Instead, how about YES to just stepping back, relaxing, taking long walks or long baths, reading, volunteering, or meditating. Do not put your life on hold while you are waiting for something to happen just because you had it glued on your vision board or written down in your journal at the beginning of the year.  I recommend that you remain focused on daily manifestations through your conscious or subconscious visualization of already living or having your goal realized, and it will happen. I used to be a cynical fool who mocked those methods but today my pessimistic mind has been completely reprogrammed. In addition to praying, I do practice gratitude moments, affirmations, and other techniques that have worked for me and continue to.

We are at the beginning of Quarter 2 of 2022, so I invite you to share ideas or ask questions in the Comments section below.  Please do not quit recharge, reboot, and just do it.

You are Fabulous My Dear and Nothing or No one Can Stop You!


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