How did the 2021 Vision Board work & New Tips!

Vision Boards do Help Achieve Goals:

3 Tips

Welcome back to my blog. Last year was rough but I made it. When I created my first vision board on January 24, 2021, it was more “an activity,” something new to do, and I placed very little faith into it😊.  I googled a few pictures, printed them, and glued them onto a white paper board (from the Dollar Store).  It was actually fun, and I felt like I was working on a school project.  I placed my board on the wall next to my bed: for a year my vision board became the first thing I saw the moment I woke up. By the end of 2021, my most important goal did come true.

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Throughout 2021, I became interested in reading about the law of attraction and decided to incorporate visualization and prayers while looking at reaching my most important goal (whose corresponding picture was glued in the center of the board). One day, a friend told me: “vision boards suck,” so I asked why. She answered: “because every year in the center of my board I write “savings more money and nothing ever happens.” I questioned her more and finally figured out why: writing/gluing activities do not get results; they are NOT enough to create miracles. My friend was under the impression that her savings account would flourish miraculously without a plan and a change in behavior, starting with reducing unnecessary expenses🤣. To get results, you need a plan of action, one to which you stick to, one that is achievable within a certain period of time, and then only then you can add visualizing your results by focusing on your vision board.

In this post, I’d like to share with you just 3 tips that I hope will be useful.

Keep It Simple

Don’t get confused by the multitude of YouTube videos and articles claiming to reveal a foolproof method. I firmly believe that goals are personal: focus on what works for you. You may choose to group these goals by categories (i.e., health, financial, relationship, lifestyle, career etc.) or paste them onto the board randomly, maybe intuitively, or by order of importance. If you really want to spend money, you can buy a ready-made board and select your words and images. I have read that some people have created vision boards simply by using Post It Notes.


For Impact: Add Specific Words or Affirmations

Do not write full sentences on your vision board. The vision board is not the place where you will elaborate on your goals (that’s for your journal or personal agenda). Your vision board should be a simple graphic representation of what you would like or hope to accomplish, to achieve, or to live within a year or short period of time.  You may have to keep listing those goals, year over year, or until you reach them. Remember goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely).


Do not Share: A Vision Board is YOURS and Only YOURS

Creating a vision board is a personal action. This is not where you list common couple, family, or friends’ goals. You don’t even have to show it or explain it to the world. In some instances, there is nothing wrong with letting your friends and close family know about a goal that will require their support, i.e., losing 20 lbs. This goal should definitely be on your vision board with a picture of someone exercising, eating healthy, or an old picture of you when you were slimmer.

To each their own, however in my opinion it is not necessary to share a vision board with anyone nor to have to explain it to everyone at home: quite often those the closest to us can be the harshest at criticizing us or at doubting our abilities to succeed. Therefore, you may be wondering: “where should I place my vision board?” Again, it’s up to each person to decide, since it depends upon one’s living arrangements. If many people go in and out of your bedroom, you can either place the board in your closet somewhere you can see it daily or underneath your bed. You would then wait before you go to bed to hang the board on the wall next to you, in order to see it before you fall asleep and take it down the next morning before traffic starts, and after completing your visualization exercise, meditation, or prayer. If you have a home office that no one visits, it’s also another effective option which allows you to see your board throughout your workday. We each have our own personal story: go with the flow but follow your intuition.

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In conclusion, my most significant and important goal of 2021 did not just come true because I had glued a picture: I firmly believe that it happened because I worked and prayed hard on it. I visualized it happening (manifesting it) and I maintained a positive attitude, even when I had rare moments of doubts/fear.

Do not hesitate to ask questions or share ideas about vision boards in the comment section of the blog: various perspectives, opinions, and experience are always enlightening.

To my surprise, I published this post on Sunday then I watched this YouTube video of Gayle King speaking about making her first vision board this year. I invite you to please watch the very entertaining video about vision boards by clicking on this link:

“Life Is Better When Shared” – Gayle King’s Vision Board For 2022 – Bing video



If you want to read my 2021 post about vision board here is the link:

I have also added a link below if you want to locate examples of free vision boards from the internet please see below (none are mine :-).

vision board examples free image – Bing images

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